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Welcome to the Woodburn Plus resource library provided by LancasterLebanon Intermediate Unit 13, in partnership with your school! 

Woodburn Plus is a collection of valuable digital materials covering important topics such as college and career planning, academic success, social/emotional development, and much more. The platform is available at no cost to students and parents from any device, 24/7.


Please click on the house icon below to find practical, reliable tips and information written and presented by experienced educators. You will need to use the Username and Password shown below the house. Once you are logged in, you can click on the “My Resources” option at the top and then when you login again, you will always be on that page, which shows what you have access to. For more information, please contact your school counselor.

***Important: Please note that the login will take you to an administrator page. It's imperative that you NOT change anything on the page (i.e. username, password, etc.). 

Click on the House to find your Digital Resources!


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